Open Access Statement

Open Access Statement for The Journal of Interdisciplinary Research Practice (JIRP):

The Journal of Interdisciplinary Research Practice (JIRP) is committed to the principles of Open Access, ensuring that research findings are freely and openly accessible to a global audience. JIRP adheres to the belief that making research articles available without subscription barriers promotes knowledge sharing, fosters academic collaboration, and enhances the advancement of scientific discovery. As an Open Access journal, JIRP provides immediate and unrestricted access to its published articles, allowing researchers, scholars, practitioners, and the general public to read, download, distribute, and reuse the content without any financial or legal barriers. This unrestricted access promotes greater visibility and citation rates for published works, thereby increasing the impact and reach of the research.

JIRP follows the Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) license, which grants users the right to freely distribute, adapt, and build upon the published articles, as long as the original authors are properly acknowledged. This license encourages the broadest possible dissemination of knowledge, fostering innovation and collaboration across various disciplines. By adopting an Open Access model, JIRP supports the principles of inclusivity, equality, and global knowledge exchange. It provides a platform for researchers and practitioners from diverse backgrounds and geographical locations to share their findings and engage in scholarly discourse. This approach promotes a more comprehensive understanding of interdisciplinary research and encourages interdisciplinary collaboration.

Authors publishing in JIRP retain copyright ownership of their work, allowing them to control the integrity and future use of their research. The journal ensures the ethical and responsible use of published content, respecting the intellectual property rights of authors and properly attributing their contributions. JIRP is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of academic publishing ethics and quality. All articles undergo a rigorous peer-review process to ensure the validity, integrity, and scholarly merit of the published works.

The Journal of Interdisciplinary Research Practice (JIRP) firmly believes that Open Access is essential for advancing research, facilitating global knowledge exchange, and promoting interdisciplinary collaboration. By embracing this approach, JIRP contributes to the progress and democratization of scientific knowledge.