About the Journal

The Journal of Interdisciplinary Research Practice (JIRP) presents research and studies that involve interdisciplinary approaches across various fields of knowledge, including social sciences, humanities, business and management, public administration, sociology, anthropology, economics, social work, history, law, education, psychology, and political science. The journal encourages collaborative approaches that transcend disciplinary boundaries to enrich our understanding of the complexity of social and human phenomena.

The journal features articles covering a wide range of topics and research methods, designed to foster cross-disciplinary thinking and incorporate diverse perspectives. These articles may include theoretical analyses, empirical research, case studies, literature reviews, or other methodological approaches. The journal emphasizes the importance of interaction and the exchange of ideas between different disciplines, with the hope of generating deeper insights and a more comprehensive understanding of complex issues. Some topics that may be addressed in this journal include (but are not limited to) the interaction between politics and culture, the social and economic impact of new technologies, sustainability issues, management challenges in the global era, legal implications in a changing society, the role of education in social development, individual and collective psychology, and political dynamics in modern society. The journal may also feature articles on innovation and best practices in related fields. By considering multiple perspectives, this journal encourages scholarly dialogue involving academics, researchers, practitioners, and students from various disciplines. Through collaboration and interdisciplinary integration, the journal aims to promote a more holistic and in-depth understanding of complex social phenomena and the challenges faced by contemporary societies